Trailer Alarms


Key FOB Pro Tec

Key FOB Pro Tec

Item # KF

Key FOB Pro Tec

Starting at$55.00
Pro Tec Key Switch

Pro Tec Key Switch

Item # ptsswitch

Arm and dis-arm your Pro Tec System One with this key switch.

Starting at$30.00
Pro Tec LED

Pro Tec LED

Item # ptsled

Indicates status visually from outside of trailer.

Starting at$5.00
Pro Tec Concealed Door Sensor

Pro Tec Concealed Door Sensor

Item # pf38

Completely concealed for attractive installations.
Standard Gap: 5/8" end to end, 3/4" parallel.
4' leads.
SPDT : To be used as a normally open circuit for Pro-Tec System

Starting at$7.00
Pro Tec Optional Switch

Pro Tec Optional Switch

Item # ptssm

Surface mount switch
Spacers, covers, and screws included.

•Automated gas-tight splice is soldered and epoxy covered to provide unequal electrical integrity and protection from corrosion and torque.
•SPDT : To be used as a normally open circuit for Pro-Tec System

Starting at$9.50
Pro Tec Waterproof Keypad

Pro Tec Waterproof Keypad

Item # waterproofkeypad

Weatherproof Keypad Access Control System with Fingerprint ID, 5 ID Key Fobs, Backlight, Plastic Shell, Acrylic Panel

Package includes:
1 x Fingerprint Access Control
5 x RFID Keyfobs
1 x Screw Package (Wrench included)
1 x User Manual(english)

About this item

Support arm/disarm for fingerprint identification, password options, comes with 5 ID key fobs.
The access control full programming from the keypad. Fingerprinting technology.
The main board is completely encapsulated In Epoxy, anti-vandal and weatherproof, support weatherproof, suitable for mounting either indoor or outdoor.
Access control keypad is acrylic touch panel, LEDs display the working status, backlight features keys.


Material: Plastic Shell, Acrylic Panel
Input Voltage :DC 12V
Fob Reading Distance: =5cm/2.0in
Quiescent Current: =30mA
Electric lock output: =1A
Operation Temperature: -35C~55C / -31F~131F

Remove the back cover from the keypad using the supplied special screw driver
Attach to the wall with the self tapping screws and drill 1 hole for the cable
Fix the back cover firmly on the wall with the included screws
Thread the cable through the cable hole
Attach the keypad to the back cover

Made in China

Starting at$125.00
Pro Tec Motion Sensor

Pro Tec Motion Sensor

Item # motion


Exceptional catch performance at elevated temperatures
Sensitivity adjustment to configure the detector for normal or hostile environments
High-level static and transient protection
Multi-Level Signal Processing
Dual element low noise sensor
Four interchangeable lenses
High level static protection
High level transient protection
High level of White Light Immunity
Excellent RF immunity
Temperature compensation
Fast / slow detection jumper
LED on / off jumper
Vertical adjustment
SMD construction
Super quiet operation
Wall / corner mounting

Starting at$99.95
PTS-2Cellular Add-on

PTS-2Cellular Add-on

Item # PTS-2Addon


Add cellular notification to your PTS-2 alarm

The cellular system automatically can notify multiple people via e-mail or text when the alarm becomes activated.
This unit is available with an app to make notification changes yourself

Cell Specifications

CAT-M1 LTE 700/850/1700/1900/2100 MHz cellular communicator for AT&T/Verizon
Dual SIM for AT&T and Verizon
ARM11 processor, 2MB RAM, 7MB Flash
1 digital input, 1 digital output
Supply voltage: +10 to +17 VDC
Power Consumption: Nominal 15 mA, Peak 200 mA
Ultra-Compact Dimensions: 1.2" x 1.8" x 0.6" (30 x 45 x 15 mm)
Weight: 0.9 oz (25 g) without an antenna or case/mounting unit
3.5" antenna with a 3' cord

Additional pricing for the PTS-2C is as follows:

$180 12 month pre-paid (consecutive)

No voice capability is possible nor direct carrier plans available.

Starting at$190.00
Pro Tec Door Pin

Pro Tec Door Pin

Item # ptsdp

Polycarbonate shaft Stainless steel spring Nickel plated steel body Tin Plated Brass QC Terminal Easily Adjusted Each Pin contains 1 bracket for mounting

Price is for 1 door pin and 1 bracket

Starting at$7.50
Heavy Duty Door Switch

Heavy Duty Door Switch

Item # TAdoorswitch

Heavy duty door switch/sensor for all PTS-2 products

Starting at$40.00