Trailer Alarms


Key FOB Pro Tec

Key FOB Pro Tec

Item # KF

Key FOB Pro Tec

Starting at$55.00
Pro Tec Key Switch

Pro Tec Key Switch

Item # ptsswitch

Arm and dis-arm your Pro Tec System One with this key switch.

Starting at$30.00
Pro Tec LED

Pro Tec LED

Item # ptsled

Indicates status visually from outside of trailer.

Starting at$5.00
Pro Tec Concealed Door Sensor

Pro Tec Concealed Door Sensor

Item # pf38

Completely concealed for attractive installations.
Standard Gap: 5/8" end to end, 3/4" parallel.
4' leads.
SPDT : To be used as a normally open circuit for Pro-Tec System

Starting at$7.00
Pro Tec Optional Switch

Pro Tec Optional Switch

Item # ptssm

Surface mount switch
Spacers, covers, and screws included.

•Automated gas-tight splice is soldered and epoxy covered to provide unequal electrical integrity and protection from corrosion and torque.
•SPDT : To be used as a normally open circuit for Pro-Tec System

Starting at$9.50
Pro Tec Waterproof Keypad

Pro Tec Waterproof Keypad

Item # waterproofkeypad

Weatherproof Keypad Access Control System with Fingerprint ID, 5 ID Key Fobs, Backlight, Plastic Shell, Acrylic Panel

Package includes:
1 x Fingerprint Access Control
5 x RFID Keyfobs
1 x Screw Package (Wrench included)
1 x User Manual(english)

About this item

Support arm/disarm for fingerprint identification, password options, comes with 5 ID key fobs.
The access control full programming from the keypad. Fingerprinting technology.
The main board is completely encapsulated In Epoxy, anti-vandal and weatherproof, support weatherproof, suitable for mounting either indoor or outdoor.
Access control keypad is acrylic touch panel, LEDs display the working status, backlight features keys.


Material: Plastic Shell, Acrylic Panel
Input Voltage :DC 12V
Fob Reading Distance: =5cm/2.0in
Quiescent Current: =30mA
Electric lock output: =1A
Operation Temperature: -35C~55C / -31F~131F

Starting at$125.00
Pro Tec Motion Sensor

Pro Tec Motion Sensor

Item # ptsmotion

12 m x 15 m (40 ft. x 50 ft.) 120° wide
Double conductive shielding
Selectable detection patterns (Pet Alley or Multi-Level)
Area-masking strips
Sensitivity selection switch
Selectable pulse count (test or 2)
Day & night modes

Starting at$120.00
PTS-2Cellular Add-on

PTS-2Cellular Add-on

Item # PTS-2Addon


Add cellular notification to your PTS-2 alarm

The cellular system automatically can notify multiple people via e-mail or text when the alarm becomes activated.
This unit is available with an app to make notification changes yourself

Cell Specifications

CAT-M1 LTE 700/850/1700/1900/2100 MHz cellular communicator for AT&T/Verizon
Dual SIM for AT&T and Verizon
ARM11 processor, 2MB RAM, 7MB Flash
1 digital input, 1 digital output
Supply voltage: +10 to +17 VDC
Power Consumption: Nominal 15 mA, Peak 200 mA
Ultra-Compact Dimensions: 1.2" x 1.8" x 0.6" (30 x 45 x 15 mm)
Weight: 0.9 oz (25 g) without an antenna or case/mounting unit
3.5" antenna with a 3' cord

Additional pricing for the PTS-2C is as follows:

$180 12 month pre-paid (consecutive)

No voice capability is possible nor direct carrier plans available.

Starting at$190.00
Pro Tec Door Pin

Pro Tec Door Pin

Item # ptsdp

Polycarbonate shaft Stainless steel spring Nickel plated steel body Tin Plated Brass QC Terminal Easily Adjusted Each Pin contains 1 bracket for mounting

Price is for 1 door pin and 1 bracket

Starting at$7.50
Heavy Duty Door Switch

Heavy Duty Door Switch

Item # TAdoorswitch

Heavy duty door switch/sensor for all PTS-2 products

Starting at$40.00