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Hey Lyle

We actually just had one of those 3 get broken into this weekend. Thank god for your alarms….. they got all the locks cut and then when they opened the doors the alarm went off….and they took off!! Lol

We are going to try to get to the last three this week.

BB in Illinois

Do you remember a time when business owners gave their word and stood behind it? How about the good ole’ days when a company really cared about whether or not a product worked as advertised? Or, a time when you could pick up the phone and talk to a tech expert who was really determined to resolve your issue? Thankfully, some of those businesses still exist and one of those is

In May of 2022, I purchased a used, 30’ race trailer to transport antique and restored motorcycles to my customers. I was so busy finishing up restorations, I didn’t have a chance to look the trailer over thoroughly until just about a week or so before I left on a six-thousand-mile trip. At the very last minute, I decided I needed a good alarm system for the trailer. After several hours of on-line research I landed at the website for I left a message and, amazingly, Lyle, the owner of the company, called me back within a few minutes. I told him what I was looking for and explained about my time crunch. I like what he had to say about his system, so I quickly ordered one on-line. When Lyle saw my order, he immediately called me back and explained that at this time he was having supply chain issues for some critical components used in his systems. (Of, course, it wasn't just having issues, small and large businesses alike were dealing with supply chain issues at the time.) Lyle let me know he had just two circuit boards left and they were being held back in case any customer had a warranty issue. He explained problems were very rare, but he wanted to be nonetheless prepared.

Lyle was somewhat hesitant, but he also wanted to help me out, so he decided to send me a system built from the reserved warranty stock. Within two days, I had the alarm system delivered to my door. His quick response and willingness to help, allowed me to get the alarm system installed on time. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

As soon as the package with the alarm was delivered, I called my assistant over to help me install the system in our trailer. Within a couple of hours, we had the alarm installed and tested. Unfortunately, there was an issue and the alarm wasn’t acting correctly. Everything worked but the siren.

Before calling Lyle again, we preformed numerous continuity tests, as well as power and ground tests. But the system still wasn’t working right. I then called my buddy who is a retired electrical engineer. Over the years, we’ve worked together on several harnesses for custom cars, experimental airplanes and motorcycles. I’m pretty good with electrical systems, but when there’s an issue I can't resolve, I call him. I asked my buddy to look over our work and see if we missed anything. After checking himself, he said, the system should be working. I called Lyle and explained how we installed and tested the system. His reply was something to the effect of, “I’m not sure, but it sounds like an issue with the board.” I reminded him I was in a time crunch and would be leaving in two days. He said, "I’ll overnight a replacement system to you.” The next day, I had a new unit in my hand. We installed it and it worked perfectly. So now I had both his back up boards. Before we left, I returned the original system to Lyle.

It turns out the first unit was fine, but one of the fuses on the board was not good. When we were looking for faults, I pulled the fuse and It visually appeared good. There were no typical signs of a burnt fuse. We looked closely at the wire and the part we could see under the plastic looked intact. But, in hindsight, I should have performed a continuity check across the fuse. I really didn’t think we’d have an issue with the fuse because we didn’t have any shorts while installing the alarm. I later read how fuses can be manufactured incorrectly and not work from the get go. It’s rare, so I don’t think it’s something anyone needs to worry about. But it's good info to keep in your back pocket - just in case.

The alarm system has worked flawlessly since I purchased it, including a very difficult, six-thousand-mile journey across some of the worst roads I've ever driven on. From start to finish, Lyle stood by his product. He didn’t know me from Boo, but he went out of his way to make sure my experience with his company was a positive one. I highly recommend Lyle and

Rick Carr - The Vintage Bike Builder

I just want to give a shout-out to for their amazing customer and Tech Support.

Special thanks to Lyle and his team,


I bought a XX foot Cargo Trailer from a well-known trailer manufacture in the industry in 2019. I ordered my trailer with an alarm system and when it was delivered 3 months later, I had 30 Days to activate it, which I did not do. I wanted to do some work on the trailer before I put it on the road, so I put it in storage for a while, while I was working on it.

I recently went online to the TRAILERALARMS.COM website to register and activate my alarm, which I did, and it was very simple. Within a few hours I received an email from customer support (Lyle) asking me to confirm and verify my device ID number, which I did, and my unit was activated, so I thought.

A few weeks have past and I’ve triggered the alarm accidentally and intentionally a few times and I did not receive any notification, which I thought was strange. Anyways, long story short, I contacted Lyle again at tech support and over the next few days he worked with me over the phone to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem which turns out to be a combination of different things including installation workmanship, wiring and defective and or damaged equipment.

Lyle eventually determined that the alarm transmitter unit was defective, and he sent me a replacement within 2 days. I swapped out the defective transmitter with the one Lyle sent me, re-crimped a few wires and we were up and running.

Thanks Guys!


Having one of my trailers stolen is something that use to keep me awake at night. I am sure that I am not alone in having this feeling of helplessness just knowing some thief is lurking around the corner waiting for an opportunity to run off with my trailer….and its contents.
Fortunately I found Trailer Alarms, LLC.
I purchased the Pro-Tec model PTS-2 with the optional cellular dialer and had it installed by my trailer manufacturer. If someone tries to break into, or steal, my trailer the siren sounds, the brakes lock up and I immediately receive a text message on my telephone. Isn’t that great?
Even better, the people at Trailer Alarms, LLC still know the meaning of service. They have been there every step of the way, from my initial inquiries about the product through to the installation and after sales service, providing immediate and useful feedback. Trailer Alarms, LLC are not sales people, they just love what they do and will only recommend the products that you need….no “upselling”!
I rarely recommend a product but, in this case, I have no problem recommending the Pro-Tec PTS-2 and Trailer Alarms, LLC. Do yourself a favor, buy the system and sleep at night.

Conrad in Canada

I have been a customer of Trailer Alarms for three years since my last job trailer was stolen with NO alarm. There's NOTHING better than dropping my trailer somewhere and having the piece of mind its safe and secure!! NEVER had a problem with it and have 110% Confidence my lively-hood is protected!! Thank you for GREAT Product and wonderful Customer Service!! ##customerforlife!!

Glenn Powell - Summerville, SC

This Alarm and customer service is second to none and has been the easiest alarm to install by far. This Alarm has worked flawlessly throughout our project. I have made the suggestion to our corporate office to use for all of our trailer security needs. Look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.
Thanks Again for all your support. Awesome product!

John - BPXA North Slope Project | Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734

As we continue to grow our construction company our security demands continue to increase. Lyle is the first call for any security need we have. Happy to be a return customer!

Morgan Trunnell, Director, Evolve Building, Inc.

I'll endorse this product (PTS-2C) as I personally used it to provide a level of protection for up to $1,000,000 in product in my trailer while traveling around the country. Pairing this with the mobile alert system is the absolute best combo!

Jared Jambor, AZ

Lyle, just a quick note for a future update when someone is purchasing the security system with the pager, you should tell them to arm the system to send the code from the transmitter. Other than that, the instructions were flawless and accurate. And we are so impressed with your system and with the tech support you are giving us.
I truly am impressed with every thing. Also like the suggestion of the siren between the axles as a suggestion in your instructions as well.

Rick Bowser, Canada

"We love the security and consistency we get from using Lyle at Trailer Alarms. Customer service is excellent and the products give us the security we need for all of our 9 trailers for our portable church campuses. "

Thomas Lamb from Real Life Christian Church in Florida

"I truly appreciated Trailer Alarms' professional guidance. After having one of our job site trailers broken into twice in three months with other protection products, we came up with other products and ideas together to meet our company needs. Thank you again for the time, education and great customer service! Will certainly be in touch as we continue to grow.”

Morgan Trunnell, Director, Evolve Building, Inc.

I just checked in to my first hotel on this trip. After I got settled I left the pager in the room and went back down to the trailer to push the paging button. When I got back to the room the pager was beeping appropriately.
I will get better sleep tonight than I used to traveling with the trailer.

Thanks again.

Shawn Jepson

My trip was successful, no issues with the trailer or alarm.
Thanks again for your help in helping me select what to get.

Shawn Jepson - FLIR

I wanted to take a moment, and thank you for your assistance with my race car trailer security needs. As you might recall, I purchased a couple products from the companies you represent.
I am very happy with the quality and fit with The Equipment Company “Hitch-Lock” tongue lock. It fits great and is easy to take on and off. I also purchased the “Pro Tec System” trailer alarm system. Again, it was easy to install and works just as you promised.
Thanks again, I appreciate your expert knowledge and excellent customer service.

Cordially, Brett Schneider

Just a note to say thanks for selling me the TRIMAX TWL-100 coupler lock.
Earlier this month someone attempted to steal my trailer. Even though they hammered on and pried at the TRIMAX coupler lock, it stayed on and my trailer stayed where it was.
The attempted thieves had a lot of time as my trailer is kept in a very remote area of Dallas and they had already cut the locks off of two gates with bolt cutters but your fantastic lock stopped them.
As you know I have since purchased 3 of the WAR-LOK cargo door locks from you at the track and will order the TRIMAX TWL-100 online shortly.
Thanks again for your GREAT PRODUCTS and valuable security tips.


I am very happy with the alarm system(ArmedGuard). I work out of an Isuzu 14' Box with dovetail. The alarm has 2 modes either movement or motion sensor and movement. I have a box holder mounted inside the truck and can arm and disarm the alarm with all the doors closed with the keychain remote. I didn't purchase the exterior siren that can be mounted on the exterior of the vehicle and would recommend this upgrade. You can hear when the alarm is triggered and the doors are closed but it would definitely be a stronger deterrent if the siren was on the exterior of the vehicle. I went with the portable alarm for 2 reasons. 1 being price and 2 being convenience. I use a ram 2500 diesel with dump trailer for mulch and can utilize the alarm in either vehicle where as a permanent alarm system is fixed in either one vehicle or the other. The motion sensor works in a 10 - 12ft perimeter. I live in a quiet rural neighborhood and would definitely utilize this alarm if I was working out of an open trailer. Hope this review helps.

James L. - North Carolina

I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support that we received from you during this project. The customer service and knowledge of product that we have received from you has been very much appreciated. We had purchased the new Pro Tec System One alarm coupled with the DeWalt GPS tracking unit to protect our latest specialty trailer. The installation went smoothly and what questions we had were answered quickly by you. I am secure in the knowledge that this system will provide our client with the utmost in protection. I look forward to working with you on the next project we have that requires an alarm system.

Jerri Hudson - Clegg Industries, Inc.

These locks are amazing! I can't believe anyone would use anything else. A fellow racer locked out of his trailer (Keys inside) at the track and the track owner brought over a large set of bolt cutters. 1 second later he's got his trailer back, and a new feeling of paranoia.
I'm going to be showing off my locks at the next race. Thanks for the order and getting them shipped out so quickly!

Mike Jansen - GP6/Motori7 - Tag Masters #4

Just wanted to tell you that the alarm and locks work great!! We will be getting the same setup on our MidWest trailer soon.

Chris Moor -

Just wanted to say thanks for the great products and the great customer service that you supply. I purchased a small trailer, but didn't want it to become a statistic. With your guidance, you told me what would work best with my trailer, and answered my questions during the install. Like you said, that DL-80 lock is rock solid, and the Pro Tec alarm system will help me sleep better.

Scott Robson - Forgotten Treasures

Lyle, several months ago while going through Tennessee my son and I stopped at a Motel 8 for the night. At 2:30 am the alarm went off, waking up most of the Motel 8 customers on that side of the motel, the thief never got into my trailer the alarm stopped them..
I have Blaylock locking system over the levers on each of the doors, that night someone tried to remove the one over the back door when the alarm went off. If I would not of had Trailer Dog security system installed in my trailer I could have lost over $75,000.00 of product that was in the trailer that night. Thanks to your system they never got the door open to see what was inside.

Walter A. Densmore Jr. Owner - Warthog Sharpeners & Specialty Knives

Trailer Dog is the best product I have purchased to date, and worth the money I spent on it. I like the solar panel for keeping the battery charged and how your system protects my trailer.
I travel over 30 states doing the large Hunting and Fishing Shows while I'm in a motel, or leave my trailer at the show, I rest well at night due to your alarm system.
I recommend your trailer alarm to all the dealers I come in contact with during the shows. Several dealers have purchased Trailer Dog for their trailers and are just as happy with it's performance as I am.
Keep up the good work you have the best security system for trailers I have found.

Walter A. Densmore Jr. Owner - Warthog Sharpeners & Specialty Knives

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how appreciative I am as a member of the karting community on what great products you have to offer and the customer support that is second to none. I purchased a set of the matched Blaylock DL-80 trailer locks from your website last fall just prior to an extremely large regional event. The website was effortless to use and the locks arrived a few days later. I was really impressed with the quality, strength and ease of use of the locks. They always generate a lot of questions whenever we take our team to new tracks throughout the Northeast and we direct all of our fellow karters to your website. Our next purchase is going to be one your Pro-Tec alarm systems..... And I've got to tell you we've got 4 junior drivers on our race team and they all fight over who gets to put the locks on and then take them off. Thanks so much for having such high quality products, superior customer service and for filling a much needed niche ... We are customers for life... Thanks again from one karter to another.....

John Latte

Wanted to drop you another note, and tell you how satisfied I am with the new Pro Tec System One alarm we installed on our new trailer.
At first I was a little worried about the installation, but with your help and guidance, it was a piece of cake.
The new GPS tracking unit was a nice touch, along with the exterior LED light attached to the alarm, now it’s easy to tell when the alarm is activated. What more could you ask for, flashing trailer lights, interior and exterior sirens, and locking trailer brakes when it is set off!
I rest a lot easier when we have to stop overnight at motels and such, knowing our investment is safe, and the trailer alarm also makes my truck more secure, (even though it has it’s own alarm.)
I know your doing what you can to spread the word to the masses out there, I just hope they are paying attention. Anytime you can take a long trip and have one less thing to worry about, how much is that worth?
Thanks again for the help on the installation, and I’ll se you at the races!

Jerry Nix

Those locks are the bomb... I've had mine for a couple weeks and love'em... they're wicked easy! So easy that it's possible to lock your keys in your trailer... ask how I know!!! Oh yeah... bullet proof too!!!


Last year we bought you new Blaylock DL-80 door locks for our trailer and I cannot express enough to you, just how much relief it was knowing our toys were at least secure in the trailer. Now that we have added the new TL-33 tongue lock system, I don’t have to worry so much about someone just hooking up to the trailer and driving off. These locks couldn’t be easier to use. Thank you, so much, for offering such fine products! I look forward to transferring these over to our new trailer in a couple of weeks, and also adding an alarm and GPS tracking system.
Anyone out there looking for good locks, alarms, or a GPS system should give a try. Talk to Lyle, if there is something better out there he doesn’t have, he’ll tell you. If something is junk, he’ll tell you that also! You won’t find a more honest person to work with! Thanks again, Lyle!

Jerry Nix

Thanks for all of your help. My Trailer Dog is working perfect! I cannot say enough about your excellent service and the willingness to go the extra mile. Thank you Trailer Alarms and thank you Lyle. I would definitely recommend Trailer Alarms to anyone who is looking for an alarm system with EXCELLENT service to back it.

Chris Davis

Thanks for the alarm, and yes I did find the light inside the brain box. I completed the alarm and have had many compliments on it from the guys I work with. I work in racing with one of the bigger race teams as well as race go karts and street bikes all over the east coast and Midwest. If you ever wanted to sponsor a team that could help you with advertising please contact me. I know I could sell your alarms. When my trailer was broken into it was the talk of the garage area and many people have had their trailers broken into as well. This was my second time in three years. I was surprised at how few people knew about trailer alarms. If you wanted to see more information on our team and what I think we could do for you please let me know, but either way thanks for the alarm it is a bad ass system.

Shane Church