Trailer Alarms



In business since 2005!

Trailer Alarms, LLC is in the business to provide you with the best in trailer protection and theft prevention! We sell what we consider the best equipment available on the market today. We will NOT sell anything that we would not use on our own trailers or machinery.

Our sales team will ask you questions to help you find the best security for you. Whether you have a small 5x8 trailer, a construction trailer, a food truck/trailer, a DJ trailer or even a semi-trailer, we will provide you with what you need. We have several photos throughout the site of many of these installations. Oil field security also.

Don't be misled by cheap imitations, or so-called wireless alarms. If we won't sell their product, do YOU really want to buy it? Remember, "You get what you pay for"!

We are licensed by the state of Texas #B13567.

Trailer Alarms, LLC does not install these systems, but will work with you during the process to make sure you do it right.

Our alarm systems are just that - an alarm system. Although they do deter theft, it does not prevent theft. If your trailer is stolen, hopefully you have also installed a GPS tracking system to find it quickly.

Why Trailer Alarms?

• Video production trailers
• Movie stunt trailers
• Race team trailers
• Landscaping trailers
• Mobile video gaming trailers
• United States agencies including EPA - FEMA - Coast Guard – Navy
• Musicians
• DJ's
• Construction companies
• Mobile dyno's
• Mobile welding trailers
• Car haulers
• Gas/oil testing trailers
• Communication trailers
• Food trucks and trailers
• Semi-trailers
• AirStreams
• Travel trailers
• Boat trailers
• Fiber repair trailers
• And more

• Trailers from $2,000 to more than $1 million.

Why? Because we have doing this since 2005, we don't sell junk and we know what we are talking about.

We sell peace of mind.

We are about the convergence of the best designs, products, and support.

All striving with you keeping your property.

19+ year track record implementing the best theft prevention solutions.
Our unparalleled record is second to none customizing solutions for our clients.

Are we the right fit for your security needs?

Maybe; maybe not.

We supply quality-made products, and more than 15 years of knowledge and expertise in the trailer security field, which is what you need if you have items worth protecting.

The security items on our website are not cheaply made, and therefore are not inexpensive. We do not claim to have the cheapest products out there and do not want to be "that" website.

But we do invite you to look around and check things out. If you have questions, contact us by clicking the link at either the top or bottom of the page, or even call us! That costs nothing but a little time.