Smoke detection for your trailer
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Smoke detection for your trailer

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We have put together a simple 12 volt powered smoke detector and notification unit for your trailer.
Purchase and install this kit to help you possibly save your trailer and equipment from a possible fire loss while traveling.
Connect the strobe combo siren on the outside of your trailer, on the drivers side. Should smoke be detected inside the trailer, the siren and strobe light will go off, alerting the driver. If the driver is pulled over for the evening or eating, those nearby can also be alerted.

Kit includes:
Base wiring unit
Smoke detector
Strobe combo 120 db siren

Photoelectric Smoke Detector is UL Listed, open-area photoelectric smoke detectors.
These smoke detectors scatter light using a pulsed infrared source operating with a gated, high-speed, photodiode infrared sensor. The symmetry of the optical chamber allows 360° uniform smoke entry, but minimizes external light entry. The detectors use low current electronic circuitry, so they can connect to 12 VDC nominal power source circuits.

After you purchase this and install it, 


before it is needed!

Reminder, this is a 12 volt system and it is up to you to maintain the power to this unit.

Electrical Current:
(detector head only)
20 mA minimum at 8.5 VDC;
35 mA maximum at 32 VDC

Current (start-up/standby):0.12 mA maximum at 32 VDC

Power-up Time: 22 seconds maximum

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