With the development of our new horse trailer security system, 
we started working with Hynley Salter and helping her with her brand.

Check out this helmet shot sent in from Ashton Thompson

I went to Cotton Bowl Speedway and checked out Brian Benedict

I visited World Wide Technologies Drag Racing with McClain Racing

I was fortunate to attend Indy 500 qualifying.

Great to have MichTex Motorsports on board

Ashton In DuQuoin getting ready

It was a long week at Chili Bowl 2023

Trailer-Alarms.com will be the
primary sponsor for Ashton Thompson
at the 2023 ChiliBowl Nationals


Getting ready to display at PRI again!

Haven’t been to Devil's Bowl Speedway in a long time, but I am pumped to be going back and
checking out Chase Randall Racing #quickestchicken October 14-15

Decent seats for buying at the gate on Thursday
Click the picture to see the short video I took

We will be attending the Knoxville Nationals in August

We are sad to see Josh Maxey step away from the racing life,
but we wish him the best in whatever he does.

Check out this canopy we dropped off
at Hill Country Kart Club for their tech.

2 cars

Not sure if Jonathan will be racing 2 cars all year

Josh Maxey
Josh stayed with us and stepped up his ride for 2022

Starting 2022

Adding Jonathan McClain to our support program

Mr. Daytona - Randy Fulks

Pretty awesome to be on the nose of that kart

PRI 2021 was great!

We are signed up and ready for PRI 2021

Race Trailer Fires in 2020 that we found
Click Here

Pretty cool to be represented at the "World Center of Speed"
at Daytona in the IMSA 24 hour race
by spotter Rick Fulks

Latest ad in Drag Illustrated.
Piss poor written article, if you ask me.

ChiliBowl 2021 is in the books and was great
Sponsored laps 49-50 again
The calm before the storm
Able to meet the great Ralph Sheheen

It is official. Trailer-Alarms.com will once again be sponsoring 2 laps at @cbnationals
Laps 49 and 50. Lap 49 “may” be converted over to one of our other websites.


Since SEMA and PRI have canceled, EPARTRADE
has taken up the slack.

If you didn't know, PRI 2020 is canceled.

For 2020 and due to this Covid thing
our booth will be in a new location

Recent interview for EPARTRADE.com

Even during this time of Covid-19, the JM Racing team
is still active. Check out their Facebook post

Team Honeywell and TFB ready to go racing.

Now working with and a sponsor of
Anthony Honeywell in the Trans Am series

2020 ChiliBowl was awesome
Sponsored laps 49-50
Able to put a couple of stickers on a midget

Was fortunate to meet Tony Stewart

PRI 2019 was a good show for us. In our booth signing autographs were Tony Monk, Josh Maxey and Rick Fulks.
Racing legend and ambassador Linda Vaughn was due to sign autographs, but an accident with surgery involved kept her away this year.
Trailer Alarms will appear next at the Chili Bowl in Tulsa, 2020 where we are sponsoring laps 49 & 50.

Probably the highlight of the week was winning not 1, but 2 Global Media awards.
To be honest, we didn't even know it was a thing. Our PTS-2G was selected twice out of over 500 products.

PRI 2019 was also a time to catch up and connect with old friends.