[New Braunfels, TX, NOV 2021] Trailer Alarms, LLC announces a price increase in their PTS-2 products.

Beginning January 1, 2022, there will be a price increase of approximately 10% for all PTS-2 products.

Since 2009, the PTS-2 models have been able to keep their current pricing. Purchasing enough quantity of items has been the key to this in the past.

With the pandemic of 2020, many things have changed. Right now, there is a huge supply chain issue. Lyle Clark, owner of Trailer Alarms explains, “We have seen a steady up-tick in pricing, but recently things have gotten worse. As an example, our boards that are manufactured in Brenham Texas by Bencor, and they are have issues getting parts. One item on the board normally cost $13. They were able to find 27 pieces, but at the cost of $67 each. This is hard to absorb.”

Trailer Alarms will be at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis displaying their products, including their 2X PRI Global media award winning PTS-2G.

For more information or if you are in need of a customized security solution, contact Lyle at [email protected] or 877-604-7381


About Trailer Alarms, LLC   Started in 2005 as a web-based trailer security company to be the "Jegs" of theft prevention devices for trailers. In 2015 Trailer Alarms, LLC purchased the manufacturing rights of the 1996 start-up Pro-Tec System One trailer security system (the only system with a 5-year warranty), taking it home to their location in Texas. 

16 years later, Trailer Alarms, LLC has become the true leader in theft prevention devices for trailers, and more.