JULY 31, 2020             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

[New Braunfels, TX, JUL 2020] In December 2019, Trailer Alarms, LLC attended another great PRI event in Indianapolis, and left there with more security ideas. After hearing about multiple trailer fires traveling to or from racing events, and talking to attendees, a plan was made.

Lyle Clark, owner of Trailer Alarms, wanted to come up with a solution that racers would actually use. To do this, he knew that it had to be relatively easy to install and not hard on the wallet.

Lyle Clark explained, “We purchased nearly 20 different smoke detector systems and worked literally hundreds of hours to find a solution, and we did! We even did some interviews a couple of months ago, but I wasn’t ready to say we had anything ready just yet.”

The system includes a photoelectric smoke detector with base, and a strobe/siren combo which is mounted on the outside of the trailer on the drivers side to alert the driver when traveling.

The system was added to the website at this week, and can be found at this link

For more information, contact Lyle at [email protected] or 877-604-7381


About Trailer Alarms, LLC   Started in 2005 as a web-based trailer security company to be the "Jegs" of theft prevention devices for trailers. In 2015 Trailer Alarms, LLC purchased the manufacturing rights of the 1996 start-up Pro-Tec System One trailer security system (the only system with a 5-year warranty), taking it home to their location in Texas. In 2016 Trailer Alarms,LLC continued developing a trailer locking device, and in 2018 applied for a patent for that unit. In 2019 Trailer Alarms, LLC was able to secure the domain and plan to develop it.

15 years later, Trailer Alarms, LLC has become the true leader in theft prevention devices for trailers, and more.