[New Braunfels, TX, June 2022] Trailer Alarms, LLC received 200 alarm boards May 31, 2022..

Lyle Clark, owner of Trailer Alarms made the announcement on social media and direct emails to the top trailer manufacturers and dealers that they were out of boards and only expecting a limited number in June. For 7 weeks they had no alarms to sell.

Clark said "We were only expecting about 40 boards in the first week or so of June, and what a surprise when we got our full 200 units. It was nice, but we had already made arrangements with advertisers and distributors that we wouldn't have much."

"We also are limited on our key fobs. We probably have about 2 weeks worth." Clark continued. Clark said Trailer Alarms had ordered 250 units in January and were expecting them in April. Later they were told it would be December. A solution, not perfect, was found using an off the shelf fob and relay unit available at Amazon unit December.


About Started in 2005 as a web-based trailer security company to be the "Jegs" of theft prevention devices for trailers. In 2015 purchased the manufacturing rights of the Pro-Tec System One trailer security system (the only system with a 5-year warranty), taking it home to their location in Texas.
More than 15 years later, has become the true leader in theft prevention devices for trailers, and then some.