APRIL 16, 2021             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

[New Braunfels, TX, APR 2021] During the pandemic of 2020, a new customer of Trailer Alarms asked if they had a security system with cameras. They were also asked if they had a system that would work with the company’s existing WiFi so the customer would not have to pay any additional fees. Unfortunately, at the time, “no” was the answer to both questions, but owner Lyle Clark decided to take on the challenge.

Clark put together a small team to look at options and explained, “I had seen several projects on the web using Raspberry Pi’s, but none that would do what we were hoping for.” Clark did more research and reached out to several programmers, both in the United States and abroad, and found a programmer that met his qualifications and was ready for the project.

Seven months later, after testing Arduino and different RPi units, different programming languages, a proof of concept and a working unit was created. It is the PTS-2W.

Next came the task of finding a container/box to mount the components in so the end user could easily do the installation. Ten different boxes were purchased and tested until one met the approval of Clark. He said, “I wanted to make sure that there was plenty of room in the box to install the normal wires for the alarm, but I didn’t want something so big that it would be hard for the customer to find a place to mount.” Custom designed mounts were made with 3D printers, and a smaller size box was utilized.

The system installs like the other PTS-2 alarm systems, but it does take someone to program the system, who is not afraid to connect it to a monitor and keyboard do some guided programming. The unit will need to be programmed with the WiFi SSID and the contact information for those to whom the alerts are to be sent, along with a short 15 second video showing when the alarm was triggered. 

System can be used as a stand alone alarm without the WiFi and video features, or in race team haulers, construction job-site trailer or more where WiFi is constantly on and used.

The PTS-2W was added to the website at this month and available by special order over the phone or thru email due to the complexity of the added computer programming needed by the end user. 

For more information or if you are in need of a customized security solution, contact Lyle at [email protected] or 877-604-7381


About Trailer Alarms, LLC   Started in 2005 as a web-based trailer security company to be the "Jegs" of theft prevention devices for trailers. In 2015 Trailer Alarms, LLC purchased the manufacturing rights of the 1996 start-up Pro-Tec System One trailer security system (the only system with a 5-year warranty), taking it home to their location in Texas. 

16 years later, Trailer Alarms, LLC has become the true leader in theft prevention devices for trailers, and more.