[New Braunfels, TX, JAN 2020] PRI 2019 proved to be a great show for Trailer Alarms, LLC. Going into the event, there were things that looked uncertain for the trailer security leader.

Lyle Clark, owner of the company explains, “We had secured racing ambassador and legend Linda Vaughn to be in the booth to sign autographs and help with our sales presentation. Three weeks before the PRI show, Linda had a bad fall, and would be unable to be in our booth or even attend the event.”

Adding to that, Clark says “We were contacted weeks before the show by the owner of a website domain name that we had been trying to purchase for a few years. The original price was $30,000. This was outside our budget, but he was in the need of funds, and we were able to negotiate for considerably less. This expense added to the stress level going into the event.”

Things came together for Trailer Alarms, LLC with an autograph session including Jr. drivers Josh Maxey and Tony Monk, along side karting legend Rick Fulks. Rick also took some time to work with these 2 young men to help them with their autograph techniques.

Trailer Alarms, LLC was also the recipient of 2 International media awards for their PTS-2G trailer security system with remote GPS. This product was chosen from over 500 products by 2 of the 8 judges.

Clark closes “We made some great contacts, met great people like Roy Hill and others, and walked out of the show with 2 great awards. We are looking forward to PRI 2020.”


About Trailer Alarms, LLC Started in 2005 as a web-based trailer security company to be the "Jegs" of theft prevention devices for trailers. In 2015 Trailer Alarms, LLC purchased the manufacturing rights of the 1996 start-up Pro-Tec System One trailer security system (the only system with a 5-year warranty), taking it home to their location in Texas. In 2016 Trailer Alarms,LLC continued developing a trailer locking device, and in 2018 applied for a patent for that unit. In 2019 Trailer Alarms, LLC secured the domain and will continue to ship from both websites.

15 years later, Trailer Alarms, LLC has become the true leader in theft prevention devices for trailers, and more.