PTS-2W Trailer Alarm w/ WiFi arm/disarm & notification/camera - NO MONTHLY FEE
PTS-2W assembled

PTS-2W Trailer Alarm w/ WiFi arm/disarm & notification/camera - NO MONTHLY FEE

Your Price: $9,000.00
Pro Tec Trailer Alarm with remote management thru WiFi
Part Number: PTS-2W
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The $9000 price is listed to get your attention.
But also to make sure you don't order online.

NOTICE - **These units will be built at the time of order.
It takes approx 6-10 days before they are shipped**

Some programming is required in the field, so a keyboard/mouse will be required.
We do supply an HDMI adapter to make it a little easier, but you will need a monitor

To utilize the remote features, WiFi/internet must be accessible to the alarm.
Internet is NOT required for the basic functionality of the alarm itself.
An app is required for remote arm/disarm.
Once the system is ordered, we will share the app with you.

We have also found that a G-Mail account works best for programming.
The programable unit we are using is a Raspberry Pi 4.

This is not a simple unit to install.

Not only can you remotely arm/disarm, and get notified that the alarm is going off,
but you will receive a 10 second video of what is happening inside your trailer/building.
This is not a CCTV system with anytime viewing.
This system does NOT have GPS and there is no monthly fee.

Basic system includes:
Control module
Two key fobs
Brake safety toggle switch
3-Pin type door switches and brackets or 3-surface mount magnetic switches
Mounting screws
3-Crimp connectors for door pins
1-Double membrane entry seal
1-Micro HDMI adapter
1-Raspberry Pi 4 (end user will program)
1-Raspberry Pi Camera
Insurance rebate card
Warranty card

The PRO-TEC System is designed to monitor and protect the trailer and it's contents. Any movement of the trailer will be detected by the built in, adjustable accelerometer, or the opening of a door. This will cause the electrical brakes of the trailer to be applied in addition to the sounding of the 120db waterproof siren provided, and the flashing of your trailers running lights.

The system is remotely controlled and comes complete with all hardware and universal door switches. You supply the wire and an automotive type battery, preferably mounted inside the trailer. 

With the brake safety toggle switch, the trailer brakes won't accidentally lock up if the alarm is inadvertently armed.

Who is this system designed for?
Construction companies that have WiFi/internet already on a job site
Race teams that use WiFi in their trailer at the races and can leave it on at night while they are away for the evening.
Food trucks that keep their WiFi going.
Oil/gas companies that want to monitor security at remote locations that already internet.
The list goes on. If you have internet and don't want to pay a monthly fee to secure a building/trailer, this could be your option.

Options include:
Smoke detector
110 power wall adapter
Motion sensor

Find out why we are the best trailer alarm security system on the market and have been since 1996.


Pro Tec Keypad
Pro Tec LED

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