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PTS-2 Trailer Alarm
Standard PTS-2

PTS-2 Trailer Alarm

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Paging Options
Cellular* (monthly fee listed below) [+$200.00]
Up to 1/2 Mile Pager [+$200.00]
Other Options
"Plus" Larger box & mounted switch [+$25.00]
LED Light [+$5.00]
In Door Motion [+$100.00]
3 Surface Mount Magnetic Switch [+$25.00]
3 Additional Door Pins [+$22.00]
Shock Sensor [+$25.00]
Key Switch [+$40.00]
Key Pad [+$175.00]
Additional Key Fobs
Basic system includes:
Control module
Two transmitters
Brake safety toggle switch
3- Pin type door switches
3- Door switch brackets
Mounting screws
5- Crimp connectors
1-Double membrane entry seal
Insurance rebate card
Warranty card

The PRO-TEC System is designed to monitor and protect the trailer and it's contents. Any movement of the trailer will be detected by the built in, adjustable accelerometer, or the opening of a door. This will cause the electrical brakes of the trailer to be applied in addition to the sounding of the 120db waterproof siren provided, and the flashing of your trailers running lights.
The optional paging system automatically pages you when the alarm becomes activated. This provides you with up to 1/2 mile area of notification. Gone are the days of looking out hotel or restaurant windows to check the trailer or trying to find your crew or drivers at the track. By use of the manual pager button you or your crew can be alerted that you are needed back at the trailer. The paging system has three parts. The transmitter unit and manual paging button located inside the trailer, and the pager unit attached to your person. Several pagers can function with one transmitter, allowing your entire crew to be in contact at the touch of a button. The PTS-2 has an additional optional feature by using an interior keypad to arm and disarm. The keypad is user friendly and easily programmed. The PTS-2 is also equipped with a low battery alert system.

The system is remotely controlled and comes complete with all hardware and universal door switches. You supply the wire and an automotive type battery, preferably mounted inside the trailer. With the optional pager, you supply an AM / FM antenna. Or you can utilize your existing antenna. Optional switches and motion detectors are available for professional installations. (Motion detector is to be used to sense motion inside the trailer, NOT the motion of the trailer). Motion detector has both K-band microwave and PIR technology. PRO-TEC System has been designed specially for easy installations.

Now introducing the PTS-2C.
The cellular system automatically notifies two different people via e-mail or text when the alarm becomes activated.

Additional pricing for the PTS-2C is as follows:
$25 a month
$125 6 month pre-paid (consecutive)
$225 12 month pre-paid (consecutive)
15.00 one time activation
10.00 suspend service
10.00 notification info change

Find out why we are the best trailer alarm security system on the market and have been since 1996.

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