PTS-2 Auto Arming Unit
PTS-2 Auto Arming Unit

PTS-2 Auto Arming Unit

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Automatic alarm arming unit
Part Number: PTS-2autoarm
Availability: Special order. We will contact you before shipping this item!

Add auto arming to any PTS-2 alarm system

Add the included jumper, connect the 4 wires, and your system will auto arm if you forget, and the trailer is ready.
This system will detect if the trailer is normally ready for the alarm to arm.
By default, the system will arm after 10 minutes. Other times can be programmed before shipping.
NO, the system CAN NOT be changed in the field for a different arming time.

YES, this will arm your system even if the trailer is moving down the road, so be sure you want/need this.

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