MobileLock External Siren/Strobe and Adapter Kit
MobileLock External Siren/Strobe and Adapter Kit

MobileLock External Siren/Strobe and Adapter Kit

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REMOTE SIREN/STROBE COMBO & DS410 External Power Switch to be connected to DS600 Mobilelock
Single tone piezo siren for indoor/outdoor use
6-14 VDC, 180 mA and 105 db at 12 VDC
Strobe flashes at same rate as siren sounding.
2.9" x 4.8" x 1.7"
Includes Chanzon 12V 2A 24W AC/DC Switching Power Supply adaptor. Can be connected to a battery or wall outlet

DS410 Power Switch Adaptor
NOTE: This product works only with the DS600 Mobilelock

Warning: Read and understand all instructions and warnings before using this product.
Do not use near water. Damage to the equipment may occur. Equipment should not be exposed to liquids or extreme humidity. Do not touch the electronic components inside the device.

Product Function
The MOBILELOCKTM DS410 Power Switch allows an external siren, strobe, camera or other device to be connected to your DS600 Mobilelock and activate on an alarm. Plug the connector that looks like a USB into the data port on the DS600. Connect the load that is to be controlled by the switch to the Normally Open and Common connections on the DS410 terminal block. To control the switch, log into your MOBILELOCKTM account and select your device on the "Configure Units" page. Under Sensors, in the Unit Settings area, select “Manage Plug-In Sensors”. Check the box “I2C Power on Alarm” box and select a length of time you wish for the siren or strobe to run after an alarm happens. Then click “Submit Changes”.

Wiring Instructions
The following instructions are for wiring the DS406 siren to the DS410 Power Switch:
For a pulsed siren sound: Connect the siren's white wire into the “NO” port (Normally Open) on the DS410 using 16-18 gauge low voltage wire. Expose just enough of the bare wire before inserting and screw securely in place. Connect the siren's red wire to the + on the 12vdc adapter or + on the battery. Then connect the – on the 12vdc adapter or - on the battery to the “COM” port on the DS410. Tape off the siren's unused yellow wire. For a steady siren tone use
the yellow wire instead of the red wire and tape off the unused red wire. 
DS410 Instruction manual, REV 1, © 2019 MOBILELOCK LLC

Full One Year Warranty
The DS410 Mobilelock Power Switch Adapter is warranted for one year from date of purchase. We will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. For warranty repair information visit or email us at [email protected]. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by negligent use or where repairs have been made or attempted by others. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights in certain states or provinces. 

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