Key Fobs and relay
Key Fobs and relay

Key Fobs and relay

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Part Number: keyfobrelay
This will work with any PTS-2 alarms.
This is a unit that can be ordered from Amazon cheaper.

What we do is program the key fobs that come in this order to the relay, saving you the headache.
We also prewire the unit and have 6" leads ready for you to connect directly to your alarm.
We supply you with a jumper that is required to add to the alarm circuit board.

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 About this item

  • The volume is small and the performance is stable and reliable, high receive sensitivity, Signal can pass through walls, floors and doors. Max range is up to 164ft/50m with no obstacle.
  • DC 12V 1-Channel Wireless Remote Control Relay Switch .The receiving module provides high signal sensitivity at lower cost and resist interference for excellent stability.
  • The rf relay adopts non-directional wireless encoding technology, allowing independent control without mutual interference.
  • The programmable rf transmitter and receivers can be flexibly configured in quantity and in operating modes.
  • It is widely used in industrial control and security fields, such as light, motor, remote controller, wireless security alarm, wireless door alarm, wireless controller, etc.  

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