Hasp + (PLUS) Locking System
Hasp + (PLUS) Locking System

Hasp + (PLUS) Locking System

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Hasp + (PLUS) Locking System
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Designed and produced by us, this lock was created to meet the needs of those that want to cover the hasp for the lock, as well as the arm that goes into the hasp. Its unique design does all of this with "+" layout. The loop on the back of the system prevents it from being used for leverage to break into the trailer.

Dimensions of the device is approx. 13" x 8" x 1.5" and made of hardened steel.

Although the Hasp+ System fits most lock arms and hasps, slight "do-it-yourself" modifications may need to be made, such as a slight bend in the long part of the "+" arm to accommodate some trailer arms.

You can purchase this Hasp Plus unit without a lock and use your own, or add one as an option. Each lock we include will come with 2 keys.

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