DeWalt Mobilelock Portable Alarm with GPS/External Antenna
DeWalt Mobilelock Portable Alarm with GPS/External Antenna

DeWalt Mobilelock Portable Alarm with GPS/External Antenna

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MOBILELOCK™ GPS locator with anti-theft alarm
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This DS601 is the same as the DS600 with the exception of this unit having an external antenna. The antenna has a 3 meter cable that attaches to the top of the unit.

The works great in ATMs. The Mobilelock is magnetically mounted in the vault where the cash is and the antenna is brought up to the top part of the ATM.
The vault is almost impossible to get signal in and out of. 
It works perfect for other applications as well including trailers and conex boxes.


MOBILELOCK™ GPS locator with anti-theft alarm is an innovative, wireless system designed to monitor valuable mobile assets wherever they are located. The Mobilelock unit provides a flexible, portable solution for jobsite security and 24/7 asset management.


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Cellular Assisted GPS

The DS600 provides the most accurate aGPS (cellular assisted GPS) location capability, even in impaired environments such as in a building, connex box, trailer, garage, vehicle and within closed packages -all without the use of external antennas.

When you request a locate from a MOBILELOCK it turns on its GPS antenna and then transmits the raw data it receives to one of several PDE's (Positioning Determining Entity) within the Cellular network.

This allows MOBILELOCK to work where other GPS devices fail.

Complete Portable Alarm System

Monthly service (per device)of $19.95 required (set-up at the time of activation when device is received). Operates in the U.S. only. Includes nationwide Verizon cellular service with no roaming charges, unlimited outbound notifications and use of the website, 5 locate credits per device per month.

Rechargeable: 30+ day runtime per charge
Multiple built-in sensors including: Movement, Vibration, Tilt, Tamper, Temperature, Power Loss and Low Battery
Bluetooth radio that allows Bluetooth (BLE) sensors to be wirelessly paired (sold separately).
Full GPS features including customizable tracking sessions on demand and Geozones

Monthly fee required to use this unit
$19.95 per month per unit
$20 activation fee


Size: 4.4 in x 3.5 in x 1.3 in
Weight: 9.4 oz.


UV resistant Plastic
Outdoor weatherproof
Crush resistant to >500 lbs. Vibration: Can handle up to 500Hz random vibration 1.25G rms


Operating: -4F – 122F
Storage: -4F to +140F
Humidity: <95% non-condensing


MET Labs, FCC, Verizon


Built in magnets
Mounting holes (#8 clearance)


Temperature (High & Low)
Power Loss
Low Battery

SOUNDS (Customizable)

Siren (85 db at 1 meter). Choice of 3 sounds
Arm/Disarm confirmation
Plug/Unplug from power

Sold Separately

Bluetooth Motion/Temp sensor (DS610)
Bluetooth Door/Temp Sensor (DS620)
Bluetooth Cable Lock/Temp (DS630)
Bluetooth Generic Sensor Input (DS620)
Plug-in Generic Sensor Input (DS520)

Wireless Bluetooth Sensors

A total of 10 BLE sensors can be paired to one DS600 MOBILELOCK and can be placed up to 100 feet away providing full area protection.


Monthly fee and activation not included in this pricing.

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