CTL-10 Cargo Door Lock
CTL-10 Cargo Door Lock

CTL-10 Cargo Door Lock

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CTL-10 Cargo Door Lock
Part Number: CTL10

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The CTL-10 barrier box with a reusable, removable, keyed locking device that fits securely on most cargo trailers with a rear and side door latch mechanisms with 1 and 1.25 inch latch bars. 

Once in place, the locking mechanism of the CTL-10 and the cargo latch are completely protected. The War-Lok CTL-10 is made of die cast zinc, making it corrosion resistant. All other parts are either brass or stainless steel making them also corrosion resistant. The CTL-10 is a cost-effective solution. Not to mention, simple, robust, and reusable. 

The CTL-10 comes standard in powder-coated black for color.

These units come as a single lock, 2 locks keyed the same, or more locks keyed the same. 
These units by War-Lok are built and keyed at the time of purchase. This means that your order will probably ship within 7-10 days. If you have ANY questions, please contact us.

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